A Message to

Major General McClellan

 Feb. 3, 1862

"My dear Sir: You and I have distinct, and different plans for a movement of the Army of the Potomac -- yours to be down the Chesapeake, up the Rappahannock to Urbana, and across land to the terminus of the Railroad on the York River --, mine to move directly to a point on the Railroad South West of Manassas.

If you will give me satisfactory answers to the following questions, I shall gladly yield my plan to yours.

1st. Does not your plan involve a greatly larger expenditure of time, and money than mine?

2nd. Wherein is a victory more certain by your plan than mine?

3rd. Wherein is a victory more valuable by your plan than mine?

4th. In fact, would it not be less valuable, in this, that it would break no great line of the enemie's communications, while mine would?

5th. In case of disaster, would not a safe retreat be more difficult by your plan than by mine? Yours truly

1. Suppose the enemy should attack us in force before we reach the Ocoquan, what? In view of the possibility of this, might it not be safest to have our entire force to move together from above the Ocoquan.

2. Suppose the enemy, in force, shall dispute the crossing of the Ocoquan, what? In view of this, might it not be safest for us to cross the Ocoquan at Colchester rather than at the village of Ocoquan? This would cost the enemy two miles more of travel to meet us, but would, on the contrary, leave us two miles further from our ultimate destination.

3. Suppose we reach Maple valley without an attack, will we not be attacked there, in force, by the enemy marching by the several roads from Manassas? and if so, what?"



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President Lincoln shown  greeting the public on the Presidential train.

Talking to school groups is one of my favorite activities.  Fourth or fifth graders often seem to be the most receptive grades, but the kindergartners were a joy as well.  "Booth Shot Me Right Here!"


The fateful theater ticket!

II have had the privilege of addressing many civic and business groups such as Rotary Clubs, historical societies, senior citizens, scout troops, nursing homes and various church organizations.

Once, I was even asked to address a wedding rehearsal dinner for a couple of lawyers who were Lincoln fans!

President Lincoln giving "The Gettysburg Address" in Gettysburg, PA

President Lincoln has a dentist appointment!

"Hail to the Chief" Key West, FL

Other Groups


 I have appeared at many reenactments at both the local and national level.  Some of the latter are Antietam, Cedar Creek and Gettysburg.  A group of Canadian reenactors had their annual end-of-the-year meeting in Parliament.  It was my pleasure to address them and have a tour of the two houses of Parliament in Ottawa.

The above photo was taken at the reenactment in Elmira, NY.  The Lincolns are flanked by the President's aide, Ward Hill Lamon and two Union Cavalry troopers.



This was one of my VERY favorite parades!  It took place in Remsen, NY, several years ago.  I've been in many parades since, including Antietam and Gettysburg, but none were as fun as this one for a horse-lover like me!