The president poses with his son Tad - April 10, 1865


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Lincoln with Grace Bedell, the 11 year old girl from Westfield, NY whose letter convinced Lincoln to grow his famous whiskers.

Lincoln plowing with a team of horses. A memorable day!

Lincoln speaking at the dedication of the American Civil War Memorial in Waterloo, NY

The American Civil War Memorial in Waterloo, NY

Lincoln with the Mayor of Troy, NY Harry Tutunjian, at their annual "Victorian Stroll" in December.

Lincoln, Walt Whitman, and Gen. Grant at The New Jersey State History Fair near Trenton.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Baylis as President Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln's sister, Elizabeth Edwards.



Lincoln with Excelsior Cornet Band, Albany, NY

Association of Lincoln Presenters Convention

Naval Battle Key West, FL

Lincoln watching Naval Battle Key West, FL

Lincoln at President Chester Arthur's gravesite, Albany, NY

The Lincolns in a pensive mood.

President Lincoln with Florida politician, David L. Yulee.

Performing with The "Gotta Dance" Studio Kids in Massena, NY

Lincoln and his bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon played by Leo Synakowski.

Lincoln meeting Sarah Palin at the Seward House in Auburn, NY.